1. How can I offer discounts to members of my company, group or association?
  2. It's easy! Contact us to provide a few details and we will contact you within one business day to get you set up.

  3. Does provide price quotes?
  4. does not provide price quotes. Please contact one of our car rental partners directly for pricing, availability and any other information pertaining to car rental reservations, rental policies and procedures.

  5. Do any additional fees apply when making reservations using the website?
  6. normally charges an annual membership fee of $19.95. You can receive a free, lifetime membership if you join through an eligible company, group or association or for a limited time as an individual member directly on the website. Other fees typically associated with car rentals are also applied at time of rental by our car rental partners.

  7. Do I need to provide any coupons or proof of membership at the time of rental in order to receive my rental car discounts and offers?
  8. Reservations booked using the connection includes your discount information automatically and usually does not require proof of eligibility at the time of rental car pick up. However, some car rental partners require certain coupons to be printed and presented at the time of rental as indicated on the offer page or at time of booking.

  9. Does process my reservation?
  10. provides a connection from its website directly to our car rental partners. Therefore, does not transmit or store any information pertaining to your car rental reservation – your information is securely processed and confirmed directly through our car rental partner reservation systems.

  11. If I prefer to make my reservation over the telephone, can I still take advantage of the discounts and offers?
  12. Yes. Simply mention the discount codes and any applicable coupon codes provided on the website when calling. Click here for a list of our car rental partner reservation phone numbers.

  13. Who should I contact to reconfirm, revise or cancel my car rental reservation?
  14. Please contact the appropriate car rental partner should you need to reconfirm, revise or cancel your reservation.

  15. If I have a question pertaining to my car rental after I have picked up my car, who should I contact?
  16. If your rental is in progress, contact the rental location where you picked up your car. If your rental car has been returned, contact the customer service department of the appropriate car rental partner.

  17. How can I sign up to receive rental car discounts and special offers by e-mail?
  18. Simply click here to subscribe to our e-mail list.

    If you have a question not addressed above, please use the Contact Us page.








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